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Data Source Elimination

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Hi Gurus,

We have replicated three data sources 0CO_PC_PCP_03, ZCKIS and ZKEKO under the info source 0CO_PC_PCP_10. Now we want to see how the report data looks like without having the data source 0CO_PC_PCP_03 data. Is there a way to proceed by eliminating this data source and just having ZCKIS and ZKEKO, temporarily to see how the data looks like.



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Thanks a lot Bhanu,

When I follow the steps. I can see older requests with the red and blue (Little query icon) in the second column as you have mentioned but the newer requests the ones that I have been uploading from the past four days do not show the icon in the second column.

Am I going wrong somewhere in uploading the requests?

Is there a way to make the requests available for reporting manually?


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Hi Sandhya,

Are you loading to a cube or ODS? If to a cube, do you have aggregates? Can you click the monitor icon in the row of the request which is not available for reporting, and check to see if it has completed successfully..? If there is a red request, you will need to delete that. else all requests after that one (red one) will also not be available for reporting, even if the ones fater the red one are green.

Hope this helps...