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Data Services sizing dashboard - how is delta load calculated

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I used below dashboard for sizing of on-going transaction load

I am confused what is initial load, delta load mean for a daily load. They have below formula used for load time

Load_time = overhead_time + number_of_rows_overall / rows_per_second

Load_time = overhead_time + (number_of_objects * average_number_of_rows) / rows_per_second

but i am not clear how initial and delta load is differential from my input of number of rows, number of dimensions.

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The daily load can be initial / delta based on your design in DS.

The number of rows will differ for initial and delta as delta will extract and load only the new / changed records in the source

Number of dimensions will affect both initial / delta load. It seems in the second formula, the number of objects mentioned has to be tables while the first formula consists loading only one table / target.