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Data Services - Join two table fields with "like" in where clause?

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Is it possible to join two table fields with 'like" instead of "="? I am wanting to search a description field in Table 1 that contains or is like a keyword field in Table 2. I have tried but cannot get this to work. Thanks.

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I was fascinated by the concept but hadn't ever attempted this myself.

So I quickly tested this against a join that I had previously created. In this standard '=' join I extracted 30,478 rows in an absolute time of 8 secs.

I then modified the standard join replacing the '=' with 'like'. In my test this worked by extracting the same 30,478 rows!! The down side is the processing time was exponentially slower with the 'like' join taking 306 secs.

For giggles I decided to recreate the 'like' join using a SQL transform instead of a Query transform. It also worked by extracting the 30,478 but it took 316 secs to run.


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