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Data Services Address Cleansing Errors

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Hello all,

Having trouble getting a US Data Cleansing transform to work. It's throwing a few errors:

1. At least 1 RETAIN_POSTCODE_IF_VALID_FORMAT option must be present in this group

2. At least 1 DUAL_ADDRES option must be present in this group

3. At least 1 DISABLE_CERTIFICATION options must be present in this group

4. At least 1 REPORT_OPTION must be present in this group.

I'm new to BoBJ DS and I've tried playing around with different options in the transform but can't get these errors to go away, any thoughts as to what could be causing this? I'm sure it's probably something really simple.

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What version of Data Services are you using? Was, by chance, the data flow that is producing the errors originally developed in an earlier version?

The reason I ask is I have seen similar errors before and it happened (if I remember correctly, it was quite a while ago) when I somehow managed to import a .atl file that was versioned as 12.0.0 into a version 12.1.1 repository. I received many errors similar to this because in version 12.1.1 there were quite a few additional options added ot the USA Regulatory address cleanse but in the metadata that I imported those options were not present.

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That is indeed the case with me as well, any chance you know how to configure those options?

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Hi Guys,

This problem can usually be remedied by importing the base URAC.atl file:

1. In Designer, right-click in the Local Object Library

2. Select Repository > Import From File

3. Browse to LINK_DIR\Admin\Repo and select the transform to be re-imported (e.g. urac.atl)

4. Click Open

5. Select Yes and OK

If you need to import an .atl from an older version, see the following KB article:


Brandon Jacobson

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Here is how I have them set up:

Dual Address = POSITION

Disable Certification = YES

To decide how to configure them for your purposes you probably want to consult the technical manual.

I can't find the other two options you have listed anywhere in the option list for my data flows. I am running version I am curious as to where those references are coming from.

Which versions did you upgrade the data flow from/to?