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data selection routines in info package

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hi Dear bi gurus

in info package in the data selection tab there are routines

type 6  (ABAP routine)

type 7 (OLAP variable)

these routine are for only characteristic info objects

my question is if we have 3 characteristics info object can we write 3 ABAP routine for 3 characteristics .

could u please help on this issue.

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Answers (2)

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This is the top level BI space

This question belongs in the BW space

In the future please post these types of questions in BW

I will move this thread

Tammy (Moderator)

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Yes. you can write routines (type 6) in 3 characteristics Info object. Do you want to filter values something based on those characteristic info objects  ?

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for example i have

3 info objects (characteristic)

say sales id , sales country , sales date

in data selection screen under type 6 (ABAP routine)

i have given selection

say sales id selection 'S001' to 'S006'   internal table parameters (SIGN = 'I' option ='BT' , low = S001 , high = S006 )

       sales country  selection  INDIA              (sign = 'i ', low = 'INDIA' )

      sales date selection  '20120102'            (sign = 'I' , low = '20120102')       

then what is result will I get .

could u please explain me

thanx for ur reply  .