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Data refresh

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I have a BSP page with Status "Stateful from Now On" and Lifetime "Until Page Change".

I read data based on certain auto attributes passed from the previous BSP application and display this data for edit.

Sometimes, when the "submit" button on this page is clicked, all data that was read into structures/internal tables including the auto page attributes has been refreshed, hence the submit fails.

I initially assumed it might have been due to a session timeout but this also happens within 2-5 minutes of loading the page.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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From a first reading, it does very much look like the session is lost. The very simplest way to check this, is to actually make a HTTP Proxy trace, and look at the behaviour of the cookies that contains the session-id. It should only be set once.

As a test, can you just flag the complete application as stateful?