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Data Recovery

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Hi Gurus,

I have a process chain which loads data for DATASTAGE , the data is loaded only by a infopackage. After the infopackage ran successfully the next step of Data store activation failed with a "Activation of M records from DataStore object ZIPS_D07 terminated" error. I by mistake deleted that request from the target administration of of the task and repeated the task to activate it but then all the data was lost and i am in a soup. The repeated task completed successfully but had no requests to activate. now I dont know how to move the data further after the activation task. no records are transfered further after this point since the request was deleted.

Can you please help me ????

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Prakash,

Check if the request is available in 'Reconstruction' tab of the ODS. It will be there in case you are using PSA in between the DS and ODS. If request is there then select that request and click on Reconstruct. This will make that request available in Manage tab and you can activate it once again.

IF not-

Check if you the data load you deleted is the Delta or Full load. In case it is Full load, no need to worry, you can reload it without any issues. And in case it is a Delta request, then go to the monitor of the request you have deleted from ODS and make that request RED manually. And then rerun the request once again, As you have marked this request as RED the next load you perform should be 'Repeat of Last Delta' and thus you can regain the request you deleted from DSO.

It is always advisable to use PSA as staging area as it servers as a Backup store in case of any such issues in the data model above PSA.

Hope this helps.


Pratap Sone