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Data reconciliation

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Hi all,

i have APO cube  ZAPODATA which was getting updated from standard dso zds_lo13

Cube having characteristics channel I.e. whole sale retail international retail which is getting calculated by data field of dso customer group

When customer group is 1 channel is wholesale

When customer group is 2 channel is rtl

When customer group is 3 or anything it's international retail

This calculation is carried out with the help of field level routine

Now we have change in requirement we want to adde

When customer group is 13 it's should be consider as wholesale

Now questions over here is how to correct the history' data without deleting previous one

Because in cube Channel data is already aggregated ??

Please help me in this asap

Thank you

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Answers (1)

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So for customer group 1 and 13 it should be Wholesale right? You can just add to the existing Channel routine logic.

If you have historic data in the cube to be corrected as well then you need to design a new self updating transformation (source APO cube  ZAPODATA and target cube  ZAPODATA) where all fields would be direct map except for the channel which will have this new logic of cust_grp 13 added to the existing cust_grp 1.

Do a one time manual load using a full lload DTP. Hope this will help.