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Data_Provider_Filter with Planning Function

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Hi, Everybody.

I create Planning Function for copying from source version to target version.

Planning Function is fine.

But my user ask me to filter the data before copy.

So, I create the data provider and filter the source version and add data_provider_filter = my_data_provider to the button.

When I press button for copy, the pop-up message show "Value of characteristic 0VERSION: AB1 is not included in the selection".

**AB1 is the target version.

Why the data provider filter have the both of source version and target version?

Thank you

Zilla D.

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Answers (1)

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Your data provider filter may or may not have both source and target .But scenario mentioned above should have target else it will keep on displaying this message.Reason is if you are generating new records with selection which is not part of query filter or data provider filter it will not allow you to display and generate .

To meet your situation you can use modeler filter and restrict same with variables used in query .As variables in IP are global values selected in query filter will also restrict modeler filter and even you can generate your data in back end.