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data not populating in tableview

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I am trying to display the data from itab to bsp page using tableview. Here is the code I have used. But the data is not displaying in tableview. But the data exists in itab. plz let me know if i made any mistake in the code.

<htmlb:gridLayoutCell columnIndex = "1"

width = "100%"

rowIndex = "1" >

<htmlb:tableView id = "CompTab"

headerText = "Component Details"

headerVisible = "true"

design = "alternating"

onHeaderClick = "MyEventHeaderClick"

onRowSelection = "MyEventRowSelection"

selectionMode = "LINEEDIT"

keepSelectedRow = "true"

visibleRowCount = "5"

table = "<%= t_component %>" >


<htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName = "t_component-COMPONENT"

wrapping = "true"

width = "100"

onCellClick = "MyCellClick"

horizontalAlignment = "center"

title = "&nbsp;"

type = "user" />




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I checked on my system (told you I was not familiar with this...) ;-).

Actually, the syntax is slightly different. You have a specify what belongs in the column like this :


columnName = "myinputfield"

type = "user"

title = "Input Field"

cellInvalidKey = "invalid"

cellDisabledKey = "disabled"

horizontalAlignment = "center" >

<htmlb:inputField id = "$TVCID$"

width = "100%"

value = "$FLDATE$"

type = "Date"

showHelp = "true"

firstDayOfWeek = "2" />


Have look at SBSPEXT_HTMLB/TableView.bsp

Hope it helps!

Best regards,


<i>PS: Don't forget to close the thread, if problem solved, after having awarded points for useful answers</i>

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Please refer to this weblog...this is an excellent blog on table view iterator. You also have the code sample there.


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I am seldomly using this syntax, I generally chosed the Iterator to display a tableView.

BUT, I think you should only pass the name of the column in <htmlb:tableViewColumn columnName>, that is to say "COMPONENT" and not "t_component-COMPONENT"

Hope it will solve your problem.

Best regards,


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HI Guillaume,

Thanx for reply.

Plz let me know what procedure u follow for this requirement. Also try to send me code for this.