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Data not loading into BW from R/3 System.

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HI There,

Data is not loading into BW and i'm getting the error as the corresponding table in the source system does not

contain any data"

Please go through the steps I've gone through :

- Installed the Business Content and its in version 3.5

- Changed the update rules, Transfer rules and migrated the datasource to BI 7

- Enhanced the 0FI_AP_4 to include three fields from BSEG table

- Ran RSA3 and the new fields are showing but the loading is quite slow.

- Commented the code and ran RSA3 and with little difference data is showing up

- Removed the comments and ran, its fine, though it takes little more time then previous step...but data is showing up

- Replicated the datasource into BW

- Created the info package and started the init process (before this deleted the previous stored init process)

- Data isn't loading and please see the error message below.


The data request was a full update. In this case, the corresponding table in the source system does not

contain any data. System Response Info IDoc received with status 8. Procedure Check the data basis in the source system.

Now...I dont know whats happening here.

When i check the datasource 0FI_AP_4 in RSA6, i can see the three new fields from BSEG.

When i check RSA3, i can see the data getting populated with the three new fields from BSEG,

When i check the fields in the datasource 0FI_AP_4 in BW, I can see the three new fields. It shows

that the connection between BW and R/3 is fine, isn't it?

Now...Can anyone please suggest me how to go forward from here?

Thanks for your time


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Just a thought, have you tried activating the transfer structure after datasource replication.