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Data not coming on NW7.1 client

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Hi All,

I have created one appliaction in NW7.1.I have created the data objects..defined distribution rule and dependency..Now i am able to see the data in all my Dataobjects in DOE but i am not able to see the data in data in Distribution tab of metamodel.

What can be the reason..I cannot see any data in outbound queue also.Is there any way to check client if data is there?

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Devendra,

Yes, outbound queue is the right location to look for the data.

However, before doing this, make sure you check the following.

1. The DMSWCV for the model must be operational. You can check this by viewing the DMSWCV tab in the Device Details. The checkbox must be ticked.

If it is not ticked (DMSWCV is not operational) you will not get the data.

It can be made operational in 2 ways:

- Through the application deployment at client. You should have assigned an application to the device from DOE, so once the application flows to the device and is installed, (after around 2 - 3 syncs after registration; your application should show status as Successfully installed) the DMSWCV automatically becomes operational.

- Directly assign the DMSWCV to the device, in the Device Management screen. It will become operational.

2. Make sure you have activated the rule after doing an initial download. If you have done initial download with an active rule, then try deactivating and activating the rule. (This has to be done from NWMA -> Rule Administration)

Hope this solves your problem.