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Data not binding to my node

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I have data in lt_aufk and binded the data to the node as below:

* Bind the data to popin
* navigate from <CONTEXT> to <AUFK> via lead selection
   lo_nd_aufk = wd_context->path_get_node( path = `VBAK.AUFK` ).
   lo_nd_aufk->bind_table( new_items = lt_aufk set_initial_elements = abap_true ).

Issue: Data is not being passed to my application. what could be the issue?



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Answers (3)

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Check when your code is called (check the action behind).

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If my understanding is correct, you use two nodes, parent node -> VBAK (0..n) and child -> AUFK(0..n).

If so, you have to get the child node AUFK reference from the parent element in your on click event.

In addition to the above reply...

use lo_node = lo_el_vbak->get_child_node( 'NAME' ).

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Small correction with more information:

I am doing a table pop-in. So when user clicks on the arrow which on the left of the parent table, I have to display the item data in the table pop-in.

Issue: Data gets displayed for the first click. but data doesn't get displayed if I click on one more header record though the data exists in lt_aufk.

Any clues please?



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Hi Learner,

as per my understanding, you need to compare the key value on which you click every time.

so, as you said, when you click on arrow the sub/popin data should be displayed.

you just check in Action which you have assigned to Arrow, wither you are getting that key comparision value or not by Debugging..

and I hope the below code will be helpful to you.

data: lo_context_element type ref to if_wd_context_element.

lo_context_element = wdevent->get_context_element( name = 'CONTEXT_ELEMENT' ).

lo_context_element->get_static_attributes( IMPORTING static_attributes = <static_attributes> ).

******** now compare your data with this <static_attributes> and populate POPIN node values.. *************

and Bind the new values to POPIN node..

it will correct your problem.