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Data Modelling Question about Navigational Attributes

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I have following scenario -

A infocube ZPARTYTXN has a characteristics ZCUSTOMER.

ZACCTHLDR is one of the navigational attribtes of ZCUSTOMER, therefore can be used in the in InfoCube ZPARTYTXN for searching.

Now ZAACTHLDR has a navigational attribute 0COUNTRY.

We want to create a report where we can restrict the report by the attribute 0COUNTRY of ZACCTHLDR, but this attribute is not visible in the infocube for filtering.

Is there a way to filter on the attributes of a navigational attribute of a characteristics in the cube?

Or is there any other way to model this.

Essentially we want to report the txn data for ZCUSTOMER that has ZACCTHLDR in a specific country.

Can this some how be acheived using Hierarchies?



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dear Amit,

seems you are dealing with 'transitive attribute' situation,

check this

...If a characteristic was included in an InfoCube as a navigation attribute, it can be used for navigation in queries. This characteristic can itself have further navigation attributes, called transitive attributes. These attributes are not automatically available for navigation in the query. As described in this procedure, they must be switched on....

hope this helps.