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Data_Mode = Hybrid -> no context menu

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we use this Data_Mode in our Webtemplates properties (because we plan to precalculate data in the future). Currently we don't precalculate data.

Our problem: The context menu isn't availabe if using HYBRID. We have variables in our query.

The documenation says: "When you add the DATA_MODE=HYBRID parameter to the URL, the system uses pre-calculated data, provided that precalculated data is available for the Data Provider. If no pre-calculated data is available, the system requests current data from the OLAP processor, as in the NEW mode."

We execute our reports form the Role Menu, so we didn't add "DATA_MODE=HYBRID" to the URL.

Does this mean, that if I use "DATA_MODE=HYBRID" in the template properties the HYBRID function (if prec. data exists, use it, if not access data in NEW mode) doesn't work and the navigation, too?

Thanks for your help.

BR, Andreas

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If you mention(DATA_MODE=HYBRID) in template properties ,it always first checks in cached data . If it didn't find cached data , gets it from cube.

this should work as we are passing it in URL.