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Data Migration to cProjects

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My requirement is to upload some data into cProjects from legacy. cprojects is a very new concept for me. Can anyone please help me out how to go about it?

Kind Regards


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Answers (3)

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Hi Tom Christiaens ,

I am also working on cproject conversion..i am working on role creation and task assignment and assigning Business parterns. and plan to use bus2177 . could you please help me to use the bapi/BO in LSMW and explain me the steps involve in this.



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I have been doing a data migration for cProjects.

Even though the BAPI's are not released, we nevertheless think that the only way of doing a conversion is using those BAPI's. Since I had already a lot of experience with LSMW, I decided to use the IDOC capabilities of LSMW. By consequence, we tried to generate an IDOC interface using the transaction BDBG.


- The posting of the cProject is happening through another BAPI called something like BAPI_CPROJECTS_COMMIT_WORK. By consequence, we had to change the generated function modules.

- You need to set the call of the BAPI for the project creation and the call of the BAPI for the COMMIT in a separate function module in order to make it work.

- You need to deactivate all the enhancements (BADI's) for the user that is processing the IDOC'S.

If you do not do the above, everything is failing. the system generated an DUMP indicating that we were doing a COMMIT during a COMMIT WORK or during ROLLBACK.


So, next time I am going to do a data migration, I will make separate programs that do a synchronous call of the different BAPI's. My conclusion is that using IDOC'S that are posted through the BAPI's is not something very stable.

I hope this helps you ....

Tom Christiaens

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Hi deepti,

I am afraid you might not get many answers here as this is the EP forum.....try a different forum.