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data loading from cube to cube or cube to DSO

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How do we handle delta when data from a cube is loaded to another cube

or from a cube to a DSO?

If the source is a DSO, we know that they change log etc from the DSO handles the delta.

But what if the source is a cube?

Thanks in advance for your answers


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Answers (2)

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Hi Jason,

A datamart based on a cube very much supports the delta loads. The ODS needs a changelog because it is possible to overwrite the records, so you need to send the +ve and -ve records to the next data target to maintain the integrity of data.

In a cube, the records are always added, so there are just new records, no changed records to send forward. The system takes care of ensuring the consistency of the data between the source and the target.

Hope this helps...

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Hi Jason,

As far as I am aware this functionality (delta loads from cube to cube) is not yet supported.

Load from cube to cube always selects on the cube and does not read a change log.

The only options are:

1) try to use an info-object to 'fake' a delta load, ex if you have an infoobject containing the posting day and you load on a daily basis, you can use this info object to always load the last day.

2) put an ODS before your original cube and load from this ODS to both cubes

Please assign points if this solved your problem,

Best Regards,

Filip Ledoux