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Data Load in DSO after Enhancement

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Hi Gurus,

The Scenario is


Update Rules

Infosource has 20 fields but all fileds are not mapped in DSO

only 7 fileds are mapped in Update rules.

Now I need the remaining 13 fields also in the DSO.

How ould the history will come into those 13 fields now?

PSA has only 27 days data left as we have a process chain which deletes PSA data

at the end of every month.

Can anyone please explain.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You need to perform a full load again into the PSA and then to the DSO.

You can decide on deleting the data from DSO completely and reloading or

just pushing the full load again one more time into DSO, If key fields of the history records match the existing record in DSO, they will overwrite it otherwise it just adds the record.

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Following are the steps you need to perform.

Ensure your DSO has twenty fields ie Add the 13 fields in DSO.

Map those 13 fields in update rules those 13 fields.

Delete the requests for which you have PSA data.

Reconstruct them from PSA.Hence these data which is available in BI PSA will populate the 20 fields as required by you.

It will say structure has changed do you want to update press yes and proceed on data load.

Now you will have some data for the fields you need.

Then load all other data from Source system to BI PSA and load from them to ODS.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you need further details on the same.



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Is there anyway possible we can load data from January 2009 till July 31 2009 into these 13 fields thru Reconstruct?

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The main problem in your scenario is the historical data for those 13 fields in not available in BI system. You need to some how get all historical data for those 13 fields into BI first.

Once you add those 13 fields into DSO and corresponding rules in the tranformation.

You can try loading all the historical data into PSA first and wait for the non-peak hours.

Then during non-peak hours.. just delete the content of DSO and reload it from PSA completely.

You cannot use the Remodeling tool because it supports only infocubes as of now.

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