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Data from BW to Oracle.

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Hi All,

I am new into BW and i know how to get the data from my applications backend i.e ORACLE to BW system for reporting purpose. I have a scenario where user can edit this information through IP. I want this modified data to go back to ORACLE DB so that i can use this in my webdynpro application for further processing.

So how can i achieve the transfer of data from BW to ORACLE DB in real time.

Hope i am clear and will get some solution for this.

thanks & regards,


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Dear Manoj,

We did a retraction from BW to an Oracle database.

These are the steps you have to go through:

SAP BW side:

1) invite the Oracle database in the protocol.ora file where your SAP database is running.

This allows to establish a connection from your Oracle DB to the SAP BW database

2) grant select privileges on the tables you would like to extract to a dedicated database user

Oracle DB:

3) create a database link to the SAP BW database using the TNS connection and the dedicated user

4) loggon with a user that can use the db link

5) create necessary views by building the SELECT statements (the views are stored on the

Oracle db server wich is the ONLY invited client)

6) use the views in i.e. INSERT as SELECT Statements to load the data via the db link to the Oracle tables

Steps 1 and 2 needs support form SAP Basis

hope it's clear

bye yukonkid

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Hello Manoj,

iam not sure whether your company got open hub service available as it is an addon service its costly if you guys dnt have open hub then follow benard procedurei think he is talking about DBconnect or else search for DBCONNECT in the forum .you can connect your BW to Oracle using dbconnect.

Hope it helps.

Thanks & Regards


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no, it's not DBCONNECT.

Database links are an ORACLE feature that comes for free if you have Oracle on both sides.

Main steps for the implementation part:

BW side:

1. you have to invite the Oracle database in the protocol.ora file of the MY_BW database.

The host is the server where the local Oracle database instance is running.


TCP.INVITED_NODES= (myORACLEserver,...other hosts...)

2. Define a database user in the BW database MY_BW_USER

3. Grant SELECT privileges for the user MY_BW_USER that is used in the link:

grant select on my_bw_table to my_bw_user;

Oracle side:

1. database link

    IDENTIFIED BY "my_bw_user_password"  

2. Create a view with the SELECT to extract from BW via the link (listed after the @):

Create view view_extract_from_bw as
select * from my_bw_table@MY_BW.WORLD

You can do any transformations in the SELECT part to fit the data into the local Oracle table later in the insert.

3. You will pull the data on the Oracle DB side from the BW database via the view that inturn uses the link

to the BW Oracle system:

insert into local_Oracle_table select * from view_extract_from_bw

You see some support is needed from Basis guys to establish the link. But once implemented

you have a interface from your local Oracle to the BW database.



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Hi Bernd,

Thanks for the solution. Well i didn't get chance to check the solution. I will try this approach and will let you know if something does not work.

I hope you will not mind if i mark the question as answered after trying the solution.

I will get back to you soon.

thanks & regards,