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data flow in ODS

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Dear All,

ODS has three tables. New table,active table and change log. How does data go into an ODS and get filled in these tables ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ratish,

when new data comes in the ODS, it first goes to new table.

if this is new record then one copy of this record is saved in change log table & one copy is maintained in active table. when the data is loaded to any other target from the ODS then the data from active table is updated to that target.

if the record is old but has some changes,

ex. ODS has 2 KF, doc number, material & it has data field as qty,

OLD record (10, 20, 300)

NEW record (10, 20, 500)

then the record wil first come in new table as (10, 20, 500),

from this table same record wil go to active table as (10, 20, 500) this wil overwrite the OLD record, but now in change log table there wil b OLD record as (10, 20, 300) then 2 new records wil b added as (10, 20, -300) & (10, 20, 500), it means in change log table there wil b 3 records.

Hop this wil help u.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Ratish

following are the tables in ODS

/BIC/A"Tech name of ODS"00 --> Active Table

/BIC/A"Tech name of ODS"40 --> New Table

/BIC/A"Tech name of ODS"50 --> Change Log Table

Data first comes to New table, when you activate the request ( Automatic option is also there) data moves from New table to Active table and the change log is updated.


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