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Data Confirmation for T01/T51

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Is there any way, where I can see the actual data of the backend system in MI Server. Apart from checking entries in table MEREP_207 etc.. and Monitor, where I see the header and Item level.

I wish to check the exact format and the records with actual data recieved from backend. Kindly let me know how can I do that.


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Hi Swetnak!

Primarily you will check for the data in your MI Server via the Txn MEREP_MON.Here you should be able to see the Header & Item Data.Monitor your Outbound Worklist and display the data.You should be able to see it Header/Item Wise.Are you looking for some additional info.Make sure you use the right Mobile ID.Also, if you are emulating the same SyncBo again and again and if data has been already downloaded for a particular Mobile ID, in the work list monitor you may get "No download data from R/3 found in downloader" unless you purge it.

Then here is the Workaround where I had a similar requirement and i wanted to confirm the data from Backend to the MI Server.This might be a work around ABAP solution but easy and you can confirm what you need.

But it may not be in the actual format.

(1)Create a RFC destination in your Backend Sytem to point back to your MI Server.

(2)Create a RFC Function Module in your Backend System with Tables/Export Parameters to pass the data you want to see in the MI Server.Do not write any code here in the RFC.

(3)Just Call this RFC with Destination created in step 2 inside your BAPI Wrapper or BAPI in your Backend and supply your Container Values to the RFC.

(4)Create the same RFC in you MI Server.Retrieve the data and write it to your MI Application Server using DATASET Commands as a Text File.

By this you send the Container Values from your Backend to MI Server and write it as a Text File.

Otherwise, i believe MEREP_MON should be good enough.May be you do not have to look at the Table Entries.