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Data Cleansing

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Does the cleansing of Master Data Objects in MDM take place only during the initial upload to the Content Integrator ?

Do we use data cleansing in any other place ?

Also what exactly cleansing does. Duplicate removal seems to be a seperate service in MDM. If duplicate removal is not cleansing what exactly is cleansing ?

Can anybody please help me out or point me to some documents in SAPNET where I can find more information ?

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Let me try and give you an explanation of how the term "cleansing" is used within the SAP MDM 2.0 context.

Cleansing is used as a general term which basically describes two things:

1. The determination of identical objects within the application system landscape.

In this context, the Content Integrator is the key component used to determine identity

by providing ID mapping information (object <i>A</i> in system <i>1</i> = object <i>B</i> in

system <i>2</i>).

This knowledge is the basis for subsequent global reporting.

2. Merging records into an MDS object

In addition to what has been described above, identical master data objects will be compared, the relevant attributes recollected by taking the "best of two worlds" and merged into one object which is posted as central MDS object. This new central master data record and the relevant information contained therein will be distributed back to the relevant application client systems.

This leads to an overall quality improvement (harmonization) of master data in the application system landscape.

For an overview of the scenarios and process flows within SAP MDM 2.0, see the Service Marketplace, alias <i>MDM</i>. In the <i>Related links</i> box, click <i>Installation & Upgrade Guides</i>. On the page displayed, navigate in the tree as follows: (<i>SAP NetWeaver</i> -> <i>SAP NetWeaver in Detail</i> -> <i>Solution Lifecycle Managemment</i> -> <i>Installation</i> -> <i>SAP Components</i> -> <i>MDM</i> -> <i>MDM 2.00</i>. Here you'll find the Business Scenario Descriptions for the core MDM scenarios.

In the MDM 2.0 context, cleansing processes take place within initial and delta loads from the client systems. (A delta load is required when master data are created or changed in a client system.)

For information on the removal of real duplicates in a client system (R/3), see the Service Marketplace, alias <i>SLO</i>.

Hope this helps.



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