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Data Attribute Recommendation - Get Authorization error in Postman


Hi All,

I am working on this tutorial "Use Machine Learning to Classify Data Records" available on this link

At this step "Get an access token" in this tutorial given here - I am getting an error as shown below with the message, "Could not send request"

Why is it failing and how do I fix it?

This is how I've defined the values in Postman app

Not sure where the error is and why the GetAuthorization fails. Can anyone please help to fix it.

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Hi Pavan,

In your Postman Environment, use the variables name: "hostname" instead of "url1", and "authentication_endpoint" instead of "url" (as explained in This should fix the issue.

Bear in mind that if you use the "Set up account for Data Attribute Recommendation" booster as detailed in, the credentials are automatically entered in the Postman Environment and no setting up is needed. I've just tested the GET Authorization endpoint using the Postman Collection and Environment files that I downloaded from the booster response and it worked fine (see You could also try that instead of trying to fix your Postman Environment.

Best regards,