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Data Activation in DSO takes a Long time

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Hey Guys,

I have a Standard DSO and it has data in the "New Data" Table.

Now, i activate it and Start the activation, the job is scheduled.

Then i click on "Jobs" button to see the status.

But, the job status is yellow for a long time and doesnt turn green!

How to make it faster?

P.S., In my DSO, "SID generation upon activation" option is also not checked.

Thanks in advance !

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Check the following links for optimizing the DSO activation performance.



If the DSO is huge or very old then you can think about doing some maintenance on the change log table of the

DSO. This process basically involves deleting the unwanted or very old data from change log table. So if data is old and you don't expect that to change(very old historic data) you can delete it. Once the change log size is reduced , activation will run pretty fast as checking time of Change log will go down. Usually a retention period of 90 days is good enough but may vary from scenario to scenario and you can also automate this process via process chain. Also you can perform some cleanup in the PSA table table also.

Also it may not be relevant to you now but if you wanted faster access to data then perhaps you can use a Write Optimized DSO. It has only one table which is active Table where in explicitly the activation of DSO is not required.

I hope this information was helpful to you.

Best Regards,

Kush Kashyap