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Data Access Control in Datasphere not working correctly for SAC users with Concurrent Licenses

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We've set up a Data Access Control in Datasphere for reports we've created for our Suppliers. In the DAC we've set up every Supplier to only see their own data. We've discovered an issue where Suppliers are seeing data for other Suppliers. There's nothing wrong with DAC or how we've set up our stories. After looking into it, we realized that we only have these issues with Users who have concurrent licenses. Outside of switching from Concurrent licenses to Named User, is there a way to fix this bug with the Data Access Controls?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Seems a little odd. The SAP Analytics Cloud user isn't the same user account as the SAP Datasphere. Whilst they are the same natural person, and authenticate against the same Identity Provider, they are 2 different user accounts, one for each application. Each has its own license policy.

For me, this seems very odd, because one account in one application shouldn't have anything to do with the other from a license-type perspective. Can you confirm that switching the SAP Analytics Cloud Business Intelligence license type from 'concurrent session' or 'named user' somehow makes the Data Access Control behave differently in Datasphere? 

I think there's a muddle somewhere!

Many thanks, Matthew