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Dashboard Mobile Web Services authentication fails

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Hi experts

We have a dashboard with one web services connection, when view the dashboard on bi launch pad everything display good, but when view on the ipad, the web services can’t catch de user and password of the mobile session and displayed the following error:

The authentication type are entrerprise.

Any suggestion to resolve these error?


SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP2

Dashboard 4.1 SP2

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What is the connection you are using QUAAS or BICS ?  Does the dashboard runs fine in desktop mode?

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Hi Mishra,

The connection are Qaaws.

On desktop mode runs fine, because the dashboard show the prompts to type user and password.

On bi launch pad,  dashboard catch fine the session user and pass,  but on the ipad dont catch the credentials.


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Follow the KBA below which should help...

1939920 - "Cannot access external data" on SAP BI

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The problem is when publish the dashboard the user and password are blank, I do this to take the user authentication on the portal, but when viewed on the ipad SAP BI mobile, the web services can not take those credentials

If i type the user and password on the webservices and then publish the dashboard everything works fine on mobile.

Any idea


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Check Note 1970047 -  "Enterprise Authentication could not log you on. Please make sure your logon information is not empty"

Query as a Web Service simply doesn't work in mobile, unless you hard code the user/pwd. Despite one of the selling points for 4.1 being able to use web service in mobile.

This is unacceptable and ridiculous for a company as SAP. It's the sort of problem that undermines confidence in the BO software and the SAP brand.

I'd like to know from someone in SAP if this will be corrected, as this is nothing short of false advertising and possible fraud.

Incredibly disgusted with SAP right now.