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Customizing Title

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I have a requirement in billing invoice to refer table

VBFA-vbeln = is_bil_invoice-hd_gen-bil_number AND

vbtyp_n = 'M'.

then go VBAK table VBAK vbeln = wa_vbfa-vbelv AND

auart = 'FD'.

if successful then print the Title as Proforma Invoice else just print Invoice .

My query is that while selecting data from VBFA it is taking a lot of time , how to reduce this time and secondly how to show the o/p as "Proforma Invoice" or "Invoice"

Thank You,


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Hello SB,

Try this logic!!!!

I hope you are displaying "proforma invoice / invoice" in a separate window. Create 2 text elements , 1 for proforma invoice and other for invoice. Now when you are writing your logic for vbak table. If the execution is successful, than assign some variable value say 'x' . Else the variable is blank initially.

Now in your text elements, you can find condition tab, check your variable value accordingly and print proforma invoice or invoice.

Hope this will help you to resolve this issue & close the thread.

Do appreciate if found useful.



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Hi Vinit,

Your suggestion did take me a step further, but now in already existing text-element it had



my written text-element needs

"Proforma Invoice"

"Free of charge" because of which nothing is getting printed on the form

Thank You,


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Thank You,

issue solved