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Customizing the Anonymous Password Reset

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We are implementing password self-service for our active directory users using Identity Management 7.1 SP4.

We would like to add additional validation to the delivered Anonymous Password Reset task. Specifically, when the answers the users are validated, we would like to check to see if a user has in fact set their answers to the questions and if they have not, display a message telling them to contact the helpdesk. Currently, if a user who hasn't set their questions attempts to use the tool, they are treated the same as if they had answered their questions incorrectly.

We were wondering if anyone else has customized the Anonymous Password reset and how they did the customization? Specifically, we'd like to know if they wrote their custom Anonymous reset from scratch or if they were able to find and use the SAP delivered APIs?

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Hi Jared,

Once you activate SAP Standard password reset for Anonymousfor for portal. If you want to put some message in that screen then you need to customize the logon par file.

Please try to search on SDN, for the steps for activating password reset functionality and customization for logon par file

Hope it helps



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Hi Jared,

I am thinking an intitalization script that checks the user's questions/answers can be used here. If they are null, post the "call help desk" message, otherwise continue with the reset task.

Best Regards,