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Customizing scout does not offer all systems/client couples

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Hi experts,

I'm trying to use the customizing scout for comparing some settings between our R/3 and the CRM.

Synchronization object has been created in CRM and successfully loaded to SolMan.

There, synchronization group has been created as well.

But now, if I start the customizing scout (SCOUT), selecting "Entire System Landscape" and marking all system roles, for some reason, the productive client of the R/3 systems is not shown in the result list.

I only get the clients 000, 001 and 066, which have been shipped by SAP.

Can anyone give me a hint regarding the pre-requesites for system/client couples to be shown there?

Best regards,


PS: It's not an authorization issue, that has been checked already...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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make sure you have defined your XXX Client 100 in SMSY

Goto SMSY / Landscape components / SAP NW (example) / SID / select main instance (like ABAP) / now you can generate your RFC for Client 100 or 200 or whatever


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Hi Nesimi,

thanks for the hint, although I considered that already before.

Right now I found the root cause on my own:

In our R/3-landscape, different systems are refreshed by regular system copies from production.

Unfortunately our basis team does not change the logical system name of the target systems after the copy via BDLS.

That leads to the situation, that several systems/clients have assigned the same logical system name.

The customizing scout now creates the list of systems by looping over table SMSY_SYST_CLIENT.

The entries are then added by "insert" into the target list, where the logical system name is the key.

That's why only the first system in SMSY_SYST_CLIENT for a certain logsys appears in the scout-list.

All others containing the same logsys are not taken into account.

Maybe that description could help someone facing the same issue in the future.

BR, Marco

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