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Any help regarding, How to call my custom PropertySearchManager (as part of repository manager implementation) functionalities from existing KM iViews?

Where is the UI for property search in EP 6.2 ?

The intention is to search documents inside the repository manager I implemented (e.g. FileSystem repository Manager) based on keywords.

Thanks in Advance,


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Hi John,

do you intend to search for certain property values (you mentioned keywords) via a KM-TREX index?

Our do you want to integrate your own PropertySearchManager somehow (where?why?what?) into KM?

Regards Matthias

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Thank you for your reply :

I am trying to integrate my own PropertySearchManager as part of a sample implementation of repository manager as per EP Repository Framework (like filesystem repository manager).

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Hi T J,

you mixed something up: The PropertySearchMagaer of the RM implementation has nothing to do with the TREX/KM search. It is only needed if your backend system supports "low-level" property search capabilities, e.g. on a database level. For making use of the KM search you have to implement an IndexService, which is assigned to the Indexmanagement Service.



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Hi Thilo,

Thanks for your reply. I am trying with the PropertySearchManager of the RM implementation where my backend system should handle these low level property search.

when I add property search manager)(com.sapportals.wcm.repository.manager package), and configure my co.xml with MyPropertySrchMgr, the repository manager deployment takes SimplePropertySearchManager for property search manager and fails to load.

I am using EP 6.2 sp2.