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Customize Logon Page EP7 SPS11

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What is correct way to customize the logon page for EP7 SPS11?

I could not find file in \usr\sap\J2E\JC01\j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\WEB-INF\deployment\pcd\ folder. pcd folder is empty.

But I manage to find folder (in directory \usr\sap\J2E\JC01\j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\portalapps) which only contains css, js, layout and srm folder. Images is here.

There is another folder, (in another directory \usr\sap\J2E\JC01\j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\WEB-INF\portal\portalapps\) which contains folder like lib, META-INF, srm and work. Also contain umLogonPage.jsp, index.jsp, changePasswordPage.jsp and umLogoffPage.jsp which used to customize the logon page. Codes is here.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Andrew,

I had a look into the SAP Library and found the section describing <a href="">how to customize logon screens</a>.

I just checked with my portal installation (NW2004s SPS09 )and as you I could not find the file at the given location C:\usr\sap\J2E\JC01\j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\WEB-INF\deployment\pcd. But I found it in folder C:\usr\sap\J2E\JC01\j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\WEB-INF\deployment\temp. Seems that all standard par files are in the tmp folder and all custom par files in the pcd folder.

You should check it out. I suggest you take this file and proceed as described in the SAP Library.

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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We have a SP11 installation here and we have the file in

\usr\sap\J2E\JC01\j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\WEB-INF\deployment\pcd\ folder. So I wonder, why is your pcd folder empty!

So now there are 3 options:

1. Create the par file yourselves from files from folder from




2. Take the file from SP10 if you have one.

I see atleast that the file sizes did not change, so compare with the deployed files on your sp11.

3. Give me your emailid, I will send you the par


Praveen Gudapati

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