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Customization of Sales Order screen based on material type in cloud (SAP ABAP).

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Hii Community,

How do I customize the sales order screen based on the material type given . I have created some custom fields out of which some are related to type "A" and some are related to type "B". I need to make sales order screen such that Custom Fields related to Type "A" should appear when a particular Material Type is selected and similarly for Type "B" . 


Shraddha yak

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi dear college,

To tackle the task of writing data from custom logic to custom business objects and hiding fields on the object page, could be necessary to review those documentation below and use both tecnics. I recommend you to review the links provided.

Adding an Extension Field to a Coding Block Reuse Component - to add a custom field and write a coding block reuse component, also refer to the Extensibility documentation of the individual app. Find more in the link:

You can implement a sample code to modify business data in a custom business object >>> Code Samples to Write Data from a Custom Logic to Custom Business Objects, Example in this link:

How to use the hidden annotation to hide fields dynamically on the object page of your application its possible to find more in the link

And just in case you are not able to solve it another possibility is to use Screen Personas, find more in the link:

Hope those information helps you to solve it.