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Customization of CAT2 transaction - Very Urgent

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Dear SDNers,

We have created variant version for standard CAT2 transaction using ‘SHDS’ trans code. (Just to hide some of the options from the end user to enhance the usability). To extend the usability, we need to do the following activity.

In the ‘Release View’ of CAT2, when user clicks ‘Release’, the save should happen internally. Could we achieve this using some configuration…? If not, to achieve this activity, how can I proceed to perform further customization…? Could we achieve this by modifying some HTML / Dynpro code etc…? If, what could be the approach…?


I am not interested to do the customization of standard CAT2 transaction program using user exits and then create variant out of this.

I have explored CATW but the client shown interest to use standard CAT2


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Hello Seshagiri,

your question is not really about ITS, but rather on how to customize the Application. I am not sure if there is a forum for CA-TS, but if there is, I am pretty certain you will get more (and better) answers there ...