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Customise ESS Travel and Expenses apps

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Hey all ,

In reference to the - about travel and expenses applications for ESS ..

In the ESS / portal application 'Travel and Expenses' ,

Can I restrict the values populated in the drop-down box ?

I need to restrict the values populated in the dropdown box 'Country'

The ESS application is a standard WebDynpro application which must fetch data from the R/3 database tables.

Can I use a BADI to restrict the values that show in the country DropDown box ??

I located the BADI .

TRIP_WEB_CUSTOMIZING under the path Financial Accounting(New)->Travel Management->Web DynPro Interface->Business Add-Ins and User Exits in Travel Management->Web Dynpro Interface->BAdI: Make Adjustments in Customizing for Web Dynpro

Side Note :

( I created a local instance of the BADI and inserted a breakpoint.

When I created a Travel instance from the ESS in the Enterprise Portal, the breakpoint was not called. So, how do I tell if I can or cannot use the BADI ??

I ran the same transaction in R/3 using TRIP transaction.

The breakpoint coded in the BADI instance did not trigger, maybe because the BADI is only for Web GUI / Portal )

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi ashrut.......

since you know the web dynpro application name..

you can check with the enhancements whether there are any options to change th node bound to the drop down or to change the search help of he node.


alex b justin

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Thanks for replying Justin,

Will the enhancement for this WebDynPro application be applied at R/3 level .

If yes, then how does one go about it ?

Any help will be a plus .

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Hi Ashrut,

If I am not wrong it's Web Dynpro JAVA Application. In fact there are some nodes where you can check the config settings @ every field level, Ask your functional consultant to check out for those settings.

And BTW,There are couple of BADI's in place, the documentation of those BADI's might help you. Check that out.


Raja Sekhar

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