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Customer Update Integration Error

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We have one customer that every time the customer is updated in iVend we get an integration error.

DI: This entry already exists in the following tables (ODBC – 2035)

I have seen a few websites that says to restore the SAP numbering system. Before I do, anyone know exactly what will happen?

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Please can you add some more details, to explain exactly what issue you have, what tools you are using, why you posted that question with tag SAP HANA. At the moment it is not really clear what you are asking.

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We use iVend POS with SAP HANA.

Stores use iVend to update customers, and this is integrated with SAP HANA.

We have integration errors (SAP HANA rejects the update) with the error: DI: This entry already exists in the following tables (ODBC – 2035)

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This is not related to HANA, please post this query in the Citixsys forum for iVend to get appropriate response.

Usually need to check both iVend and SAP B1 tables to identify the root cause and DO NOT RESTORE THE NUMBERING.


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I have posted on the iVend forums when I posted here.

Wasn't going to restore the numbering without looking into it. I have heard from a couple sources to not do this.

Thank you.

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