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Customer Exits: Only show individual messages?

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Hi all

we are using customer exits variables and do only want to show customer-specific error messages in the popup-window if there has been made a wrong selection.

We succeed in adding a message with fm RRMS_MESSAGE_HANDLING, but unfortunately, the "standard" message is still being displayed as well (e.g. "no value found for variable....").

So is there any way to only show the message created with RRMS_MESSAGE_HANDLING and to suppress the standard SAP messages?

Thanks a lot

Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello bvision,

you can disable particular messages from being displayed as follows:

In the step=3 part of your user exit call the following function module:

   i_s_configuration = ls_bal_conf
   not_authorized    = 1
   OTHERS            = 2.

Fill the structure ls_bal_conf as follows:

data: ls_msidno TYPE bal_s_idno.

DATA: BEGIN OF l_msgidmsgno,
        msgid TYPE sy-msgid,
        msgno TYPE sy-msgno,
END OF l_msgidmsgno.

ls_msidno-sign   = 'E'.
ls_msidno-option = 'EQ'.
l_msgidmsgno-msgid =  <message_id>
l_msgidmsgno-msgno = <message_number>.
ls_msidno-low = l_msgidmsgno.
APPEND ls_msidno TO ls_bal_conf-collect-msg_filter-msgidmsgno.



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Thanks very much. It's working well when we proceed this in step 2 for the variable as the system throws an exception an does never get to step 3!

There is, as well, the following alternative:

Enhance Include LRRS0F01 and do throw individual exceptions before the general message processing.

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