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Customer-Exit variable on 0TCAIPROV

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we're currently working on the migration of 3.x reporting authorizations into the new analysis authorizations.

Because of the existing requirements we have to have different analysis authorizations on different infoproviders and we want to use infoobject 0TCAIPROV to do this.

But since we have a lot of infoproviders we don't want to maintain the relevant infoproviders in each analysis authorization and because we cannot use infoareas to assign the infoproviders we have created a customer-exit variable for 0TCAIPROV that produces the list of relevant inforpoviders.

So far, so good. But when running queries with this authorization we always the EYE001: No authorization for InfoProvider. So we debugged the query and saw that the customer-exit is being processed. But it seems that the infoprovider check does not support customer-exit variables.

Does anybody have experience with this? Has anybody done this?



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Just as an information to close this thread: by applying SAP note 1018732 this problem was solved. Even though the notes concerns a different error it also corrected the coding error in function module RSEC_CHECK_IPROV.

So it is possible to create customer-exit variables for 0TCAIPROV to determine the infoproviders.



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Hi Andreas,

we've created the authorization log with RSECADMIN, but I can't see much more than the following message concerning the infoprovider check:

InfoProvider Check

Building the Buffer...

...Buffer Built

Are there authorizations for accessing InfoProvider V_OUTLETS with activity 03?

Message EYE001:

You do not have sufficient authorization for InfoProvider V_OUTLETS with activity 03

We had a look at function module RSEC_CHECK_IPROV and the customer-exit is being processed. But the result of the customer-exit is not used for the check whether a user is authorized for this infoprovider. That's why we hope that this is simply an error or at least a change of functionality that can easily be done.



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we have the same issue with the test of autho assignement (manual).

Function module can help you: rsec_get_auth_for_user.

The Autho for a user is in the class S_RS_AUTH:

We try by this way:

data: wa_rsecval type rsecval,

ta_rsecval type table of rsecval,

wa_rsecval2 type rsecval,

ta_rsecval2 type table of rsecval,

wa_rsecuserauth type rsecuserauth,

ta_rsecuserauth type table of rsecuserauth.

  • Autorisations with object w_iobjnm.

select * from rsecval

into table ta_rsecval

where tctiobjnm = w_iobjnm.

  • Autorisations with l'infoprovider.

if w_infoprov is not initial.

select * from rsecval

into table ta_rsecval2

where tctiobjnm = '0TCAIPROV'.


w_subrc = 4.

  • Assignment cherch

select * from rsecuserauth

into table ta_rsecuserauth

where uname = sy-uname.

Hope it help's