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customer exit - variable hide

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Hi Experts,

Advance Thanks, pls follow my problem.

I have two infoobjects and two variables like 1) 0InObj1 2) 0InoObj2 and YVAR1 and YVAR2 respectivly both are variable represent type is Cutomer Exit.

Now my questions is when my report executed, the two variables are ready for access values from the user. suppose if user enter values in YVAR1 the second variable YVAR2 should no allow to the user to enter value. and vise versa. how will we do this.

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Hi Nanda,

Couldn't figure out: you wrote that your variables are of type Customer exit allowing user entry?

Best regards,


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First of all, The variable with processing type 'Customer Exit' does not consider the value enter by user.

If the varaible has to get value from some coding , we will define processing as 'Customer exit'. Then why again ,you need to have option to enter value for that variable.

With rgds,

Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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Hi Anil,

How r u?

My Question is suppose if user etner value in YVAR1, the second variable YVAR2 should not allow to the user to enter the value.

If the user enter value In YVAR2 then YVAR1 will not allow to the user to enter value. like this.

any way we have to write customer exit for this. but how to make variable text box as unedit mode.

That is my question.



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Hi Nanda

If I understand you correctly, you have 2 variables in the query and you want the user to enter a value in EITHER one or the other but not both?

My understanding is that the user exit does not let you access the variables whilst the user is entering values.

There are 3 steps when the User Exit is called, see for more info:

I don't think it possible to do what you are asking. A possible workaround is to clear the other variable in the I_STEP=2.

Hope that helps.