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custome SQL - in list - prompt

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I am using SQL VIEWER (custome SQL) to write a query from a table that is not in our DWH.

But I find a problem in writing an "in list" prompt in which the user could type any value he/she wants.

If I write a simple "in list"  with certain values - it works fine

But if I write an open prompt of which the user can choose any value he/she wants – It doesn't work

Can anyone please assist?

Here is a sample of one of my tryouts:

and my_object in @prompt('my_objects:','A',Multi,Free,Persistent,,User:0)


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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try like this.

Object IN  @Prompt('my_objects:','A',,Multi,Free,Persistent,,User:0)

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Great. Thank You!!!

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