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Custom Trex Search Page for searching all documents

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Please help me to build a custom Trex search page. It should be like the Portal default's search page, an input box and a search button. But it should function differently.

It should return all documents on search whether released or unreleased.

I came to know from others' posts that if we give full control permission to 'index_service' user then it works for that particular folder.

But if I do that it affects the default seaqrch also.

Can we do it by coding, Any trex api available for returning all documents.

Please help



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Answers (2)

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Hi Aridham,

Your issue is bit unclear could please explain it more clearly as first you are saying you want default search page and then you do not want default search.

The point i understand here is : You are assigning index_service user with full control to this folder, thus while searching everyone is able to view this file. If this is your problem, you can create a group of users who need to access or view this folders, add this group with full control in permission. Also add this group in permission while creating index, it may solve your purpose.


Jigar Oza

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Anyone..pls help