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Custom Search Dialog Box Component

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Does anybody know how to write simple custom <a href="">Search Dialog Box Component</a>?

I'm basically interested in project structure. I've created portal application project and portal object of type abstract portal component and replaced generated class with WcmResourceControl, something like:

public class SearchTagsControl extends WcmResourceControl
	implements WdfEventReceiver, ISearchComponent

I'm trying to do something similar to:,

but the problem is that after deploying par, the server logs contain message: Render class not found - ...SearchTagsControl ... It's probably connected with my project structure.

Also when I try to do the mapping (Content Management/User Interface/Mapping/Search Dialog Box Component) of my component, the error message appears which says that "Class ...SearchTagsControl not found.".

Maybe this component has to be additionaly registered somehow in KM

(similar like with repository service eg.:

 CrtClassLoaderRegistry.addClassLoader(this.getKey(), this.getClass().getClassLoader());


I even took whole class, changed its package and deployed it with my par and I also get the same message.

Any ideas how to accomplish this? Am I missing something?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ladislav,

Your description of the error (no stack trace etc) and your project is a bit few to give concrete answers, but: Check out - even if there are some mistakes in the article (the sequence diagram is not the whole truth...; you should debug your application once it is running to get a better feeling of what's happening), it is the base to go on with your own development project.

And of course you need an RFWrapper, as your implementation has to be configured within the configFramework and therefore the lookup of the implementation works via reflection - and therefore your implementation has to be somewhere within the CrtClassloaderRegistry!

Hope it helps


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Thank you,

RFWrapper was missing.



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