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Custom Report times out

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We are experiencing a very peculiar problem with a custom report where it times out after the stipulated 30 minutes (rdisp/max_wprun_time = 30 minutes). What is unusual is that, the same report, with the same selection criteria, finishes within 20 minutes at some times or even in a lesser duration. I have been unable to establish any correlation between when it runs and when it times out.

Some facts.

1. There are enough free dialog wp, memory and CPU utilization is approximately 50% (or even less) when it does/doesn't finish. By this, I mean that the system is by no means under any kind of stress.

2. Executing the report in the background is an option, but for what the report is meant for, it is necessary to run it in the foreground.

3. I created indices on the tables it reads, which I see being used in the Explain Plan. But using the same indices, the report doesn't finish at other times.

4. The table does an inner join of 2 huge tables; EKPO and EKKO and also an inner join on EBELN and EKET

5. I have checked for locks in the system, but with locks on EKPO and EKKO, the report is still able to finish at some times.

I can probably increase the time limit further, but that is the last thing I would like to do. What is perplexing is that the report finishes within the stipulated time at times. Am I missing something here ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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The following points may be useful.

1. Check with your abaper to debug the code of the report and see at what point it fails.

2. Even with the same settings for the execution, each time the data it pulls from the database may vary.(Did you check how many rows it extracted each time)

3. Depends on the database release check the stats of the tables are current.

4. I still insist to find the matching index on high cardinality columns from the select statement columns.

5. You can run a trace to findout if there is any issue using ST05.

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Just a followup before I close this thread.

The real issue here is that the report reads table A073 which has grown up to around 1 Gb. With this table being defined as fully buffered, buffering is not possible (or results in an error rather) and large amounts of time is spent reading it. In addition to this, the the program does an inner join of this table on MARA (another huge table).

All the above information was found out courtesy ST05.

Thank you for the inputs as always.