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Custom Portal Activity Reports in Portal 7.3

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Hi experts,

i have to develop portal Activity Reports with help of VC in Portal 7.3  using MAXDB

In Portal 7.0 these are steps i have followed to develop Activity Reports.

1.In Visual Administrator some settings related to JDBC drivers.

2. Created system in portal by providing  :

       a.   Connection URL: Specify the URL for the JDBC system.

       b.  Driver Class Name: Specify the JDBC driver used to connect to the system.

3. crearted model in VC and data base tables got from this link.


So ,same thing i want to do in portal 7.3 also.

    i have few doubts while doing this.

  1. where can i will get data base tables for Portal Activity Reports as i sown above link   ?
  2.Is it need to create system in portal for Portal Activity Reports?

i have done these steps.

  1 .configure a JDBC system destination using this link


  2. Created New model in VC  and  IN

Search task panel, choosen JDBC Stored Procedures in the Select provider dropdown list ,

IN System destination dropdown list slected MAXDB_DRIVERS which i have created based on JDBC system destination. after clicking search button getting this message Could not complete  the search . check log for information.  And i have cheched logs ,having this message

Returned destination MAXDB_DRIVER, type JDBC to user Administrator

If you any idea in this please help me



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Dear Prasad,

Please go through the following wiki page. It might help you.