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Custom porperties & Taxonomies.

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I creat a Taxonomy using query based ,but there are only predeifined porperties in the dorpdown list .

I want use custom porperty. so I creat a custom porperty

in Porperty Metadata named 'brand'.

and I crear a XML form that can give values to 'brand'

but when I Use query based builder to set a folder's query and Save the query ,It really doesn't work.

What should I do to make the Query based Taxonomy to work Using Custom porperties?

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have you defined the property as indexable?



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yes , but It dosen't work .

Must i do some delvelop?

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Coud you probably specify in more datial, what is not working?

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Thank YOU. I will say something more.

1, I creat a index and Taxonomy.

2, I creat a query based Taxonomy and Created folders for the Taxonomy.

3, I want use custum property as my query so i creat a porperty and put it into group of custom.

4, then I use XML form to creat some document to set the value of the custom property.(this document is right under the datasouce of the defined index)

5, when i use Taxonomy query builder to classify.i found those documents were not in my Taxonomy.

6, this is my worksteps is there any thing wrong?

or what's the standard steps to use custom propertis to classify?

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The steps are ok. What is the namespace you have used for the property definition?