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custom name to HDI container via mta.yaml

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I'm trying to set a custom name for a HANA Cloud HDI container via `mta.yaml`.

Setting a custom value to `hdi-container-name` doesn't do anything.

# ...
  - name: my-db
      service: hana
      service-plan: hdi-shared
      hdi-container-name: my-hdi-container # <-- shouldn't this work?

What am I missing?


mta schema version: 3.1

CAP: 5^

HDB service version: 220623-1657778645-54a86d2

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Answers (1)

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if you set

hdi-container-name: ${service-name}

then the name of the hdi service will be the name you set for your ressource (my-db in your example)

Note that if parameter makeUniqueName is set to true (that is the default), when doing local build in your workspace, the service name will be prefixed by a GUID.

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thanks for your answer, but setting the hdi service name in the mta.yaml was exactly what I wanted to avoid 🙂

Use Case would be to have the same hdi service name in a "base" mta.yaml, then extend that via "mta-dev.mtaext" per environment, providing an environment specific hdi container name.

btw: the mta.yaml and its' extension mix correctly in the build, resulting in the desired yaml entry in my original post.