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Custom Module Bean-Sender Mail Adapter

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Hi Team,

We are using attached code(Module bean) in fetching the mails/attachments from mail box and we see mail adapter getting hung frequently with below error and on simple restart of communication channel mails will be polled without any issues

"at;[BIII)I(Native Method)"

SAP suggested to have Connection timeout setting in the code to fix this issue as this issue is due to custom module bean and I request you to check the code and share your thoughts/suggestions to implement timeout code to fix this issue.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Vishali,

You are doing like below in your ModuleCode:

  • 1. reading/parsing incoming message stream
  • 2. iterating over attachment list (loop)
  • 2.1. checking each file's contentType
  • 2.2. checking "UnicodeBOMInputStream" and then reading/writing to new buffer and setting contentType, name etc
  • 2.3. then creating new message.
  • And due to loop, only last attachment will be sent to receiver side.
  • This all will always make performance issue.

You should take reference of below blog (please note, below blog-example is to store attachments in to sap-ecc directory)

And w.r.t. your requirement, you should be doing below:

  • Instead of File-writing into directory (as given in blog example), do your stuffs
  • and try to minimize "writing audit log entry messages" within loop.
  • and if you requirement is to work with only attachment, then avoid parsing n all for incoming message stream (as seen in your code)

Thanks & Regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thanks for your quick help Dilip, will try to customize the same and get back to you