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Custom Labels for Predefined Properties

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Has anyone been successfull in created custom labels (i.e. not based on PropertyIDs ) for Predefined Properties?

I have been working with this for a couple of days ( and actually read the HELP.SAP.COM instructions ) and still cannot get them to work.

I have downloaded the sample resource bundle .par file for NW04. Made the required changes. Uploaded the new .par into the portal. I created a new Metadata Extention pointing to the .par file + bundle name ( ). I configured the property to use the metadata extention and entered the label..

Am I missing a step?

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I use bundle file for labels base on PropertyID, command and group command. It's work fine.

For labels you have to read:

You have only create a text file and then a jar file.

Assign metadata extensions and key for label.

For commands:

Here you have to use resource bundle file, OSS Note: 817876, here you can download this project.

I am going to try using custom properties.


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Thanks Patricio,

Let me know what you find out for custom properties.

I have found this link

Which was supposed to show how to create a custom label for a custom property. This is what I am basing my tests on.