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Custom field added by extending Manage Service Entry Sheet are not getting updated

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Dear Team,
I am extending the Fiori application Manage Service Entry Sheet - Lean Services. My requirement is to add 2 new custom fields ( Period From & Period To Dates ) in the item level of SES. These fields will be available in edit mode as well.

I added these two fields by extending the CDS view and appending the structure and transparent table. However the problem is that 'Period To' works fine while creating and updating SES, it is updated in db as well, however 'Period From' date does not work and when I try to provide a value in this field on UI, a merge call is done and I can see the payload having the updated record, and if I put a debugger in DPC_EXT~changeset_process the field is visible there as well, however when merge call completes the value is removed and is not updated. After final save(or create) also, the value for 'Period To' is updated but 'Period From' remains blank.

I have extended below CDS view to add both of my fields :

  • I_ServiceEntrySheetItem
  • I_ServiceEntrySheetItemTP
  • I_ServiceEntrySheetItemBasic
  • C_ServiceEntrySheetItemWD






I have also appended my fields in table: srvcentrshtitm_d , this reflected in mmpur_ses_item, as well.

Please let me know what could be the issue and how can I fix this.



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you should follow that route to extend cds.