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Currency Conversion

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KWD is set to 3 decial places in table TCURX.

AED is not in the TCURX table, so I assume it uses 2 decial places.

BW has the following:

AED amount = 2227 (Infocube)

KWD amount = 1826.14 (Infocube)

Exchange rate from AED to KWD = .08200 (TCURR)

KWD number of decial places = 3 (TCURX)

AED number of decial places = 2 (Assumed)

Calculation: KWD amount = AED amount * Exchange rate from AED to KWD *

10^(KWD number of decial places - AED number of decial places)

1826.14 = 2227 * .08200 * 10^(3-2)

This is not correct. I am expecting 182.614

Any ideas on this problem?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It seems that you have to apply a conversion factor equal to 100...take a look to TCURF to see if you can better understand this issue...

Hope it helps!



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BW ODS/Infocube contents shows the value as 1826.14 but if you look at the data in the query, the value is 182.614

Anyway of getting the contents within BW to display the right results? I have checked the option: Settings -> User Parameters -> Check conversion exits



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If you look at infocube content, it does not take scaling factor into account so may not be the right decimal place / location..

Best place for the right result is BEx.

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