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currency conversion for average period like from 5 to 10

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Hello, we have a currency conversion issue like that:

If we take report with period interval from 1 to 10; the currency should be calculated by average currency of ten months, and if we take it from 5 to 10, the average should be calculated for five months. And if user takes the report for only one month, then it uses average of the month.

I mean, if user gives a period it uses period average, and if he/she gives a month it uses month average.

It is possible to do it in BW with Rscur?

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Hi Coskun,

To achieve this you can write a customer exit varibale which will calucate No of months entered on the input screen Once you have calculated, you can use those months in the formula where you are calculating final KF.

Hope this is clear.



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Thanks for answer, so you say that, there is no way to do it by RSCURR standart conversion

Do you have any idea, how to do this in User exit?

What I want clearly is like an issue for the case below:

Month-AmountAvg Crcy--Monthly Avg. Amount

07.20111000 USD-1.55 TRY---1550 TRY

08.20112000 USD-1.60 TRY---1600 TRY

09.20113000 USD-1.65 TRY---1650 TRY

10.20114000 USD-1.70 TRY---1700 TRY

Average of period Currency:

(1.551.601.65+1.70)/4 = 1.625 TRY

Total with Period average:

1.625 TRY * 10000 = 16250 TRY

Total with Monthly average:

16500 TRY

There is 250 Try difference.